Russell Falls Holiday Cottages View 2

The site of Charles Marriott’s historic “Russell Falls House”

Russell Falls House

Located at the site of Charles Marriott’s historic “Russell Falls House”

Charles Marriott purchased the land adjacent to the Russell Falls Reserve (the sight of Russell Falls Holiday Cottages) in 1908, and built a guesthouse on the banks of the Russell (now Tyenna) River. The guesthouse initially had six rooms, and accommodated visitors to the park.

In the early days visitors would catch a train form Hobart to the nearby town of Russell (now known as Westerway), and Charles would convey them to the park in his eight passenger horse-drawn carriage. Charles’ wife Mabel would provide lunch at the guesthouse for the many hungry travellers.

By 1917 the train line was extended to National Park. To better cater for the extra visitors Charles extended the “Russell Falls House” to 36 rooms.

The guesthouse, a gracious two story building, continued to provide hospitality in the area and was something of a landmark until it was destroyed by fire in the 1960s.

Transcribed from signage displayed at the Charles Marriott shelter, adjacent to the Russell Falls Cottages property.